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20 things you can do to BE more Sustainable



  • Go #plasticfree
  • DIY your own cleaning products
  • Eat local : know your farmers
  • Be water Wise
  • Grow your own food: even if just a few pots
  • Hang your clothes to dry
  • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse/repair, Recycle, Rot
  • Be more active: ride your bike, skateboard, take public transit
  • Refuse disposables
  • Open windows and doors instead of using Air conditioning
  • Use your blinds instead of using lights
  • Sign up to refuse junk mail
  • Use water efficient shower heads
  • Don’t use fertilizers, use compost and compost tea
  • Think before shopping: Buy second hand/used
  • Make your own Tshirt bags and bring your own bags when shopping
  • Stop buying bottled water now
  • Invest in quality items 
  • Go paperless, get all bills in mail form and refuse flyers
  • Make reusable tissues, paper towels and toilet paper out of old sheets


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