• Who WE are

    The LSLA seeks to educate, empower, evoke, create and connect with people in all ways of Sustainable and Regenerative initiatives which further develop and strengthen the resilience of our communities and their local food production, water conservation, alternate energy options and ecologically based building practices. WE are the resource of CONNECTION in the Lethbridge and surrounding area. We pride ourselves on maintaining and fostering healthy, reciprocal relationships with all businesses, individuals and organizations who are engaging in sustainability for our community.

    Sustainable Living

    Sustainable, Regenerative,Inclusive, Whole, Creative,Collaborative, Connected

    The Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association (LSLA) is a non-profit society that was started in 2012. A group of pioneers came together recognizing a need in Lethbridge and surrounding area for a group of sustainably minded individuals to start addressing problems in the area of food production, ecologically sound building practices, local currencies and sustainable energy matters.


    Since its inception, the LSLA has been steadily growing and expanding.


    The LSLA founded its ever expanding "flagship" event, Apple Fest in 2012 and this event has been going strong ever since. This year, 2017 will mark the 5th Apple Fest and you will find new entertainment, an apple beer gardens, apple press and much more in the "hands on" learning Tents.


    In 2014 the LSLA took under its wing, the Lethbridge Urban Farming Guild. This is our present day Permaculture Lethbridge. Permaculture Lethbridge has been responsible for numerous workshops, tours and events in the areas of community garden development, herb spiral building, composting and soil building. This arm of the LSLA is taking off in a BIG and global way!


    The group of members and non-members of the LSLA have expanded into the small community of Turin, Alberta. As times change and our communities become tighter for resources, housing becomes a real issue. The LSLA is committed to providing education and hands on experiences for the community of Lethbridge and surrounding area. It is the hope of the LSLA to develop a model for community living that includes but is not limited to: sustainable building practices, local currency bank, alternative energy technologies and local food production.


    The LSLA supports all whole and regenerative forms of GROWTH being Urban farming, SPIN (Small plot intensive) farming, market gardening, community gardens, food forestry, self reliant food storage methods, cooperative food purchasing, alternate currency strategies, sustainable building practices, alternative energy technologies and anything not mentioned here that is both inclusive, locally focussed and earth based.

    We are looking for those people who recognize the importance of connection, diversity, and sustainable/regenerative practices in all areas of "life" . If you have a skill or interest to share with the group, would like to keep informed about what's "going on" in the Lethbridge and area or of you find any of what has been shared here to be important to you....please connect with us.

  • Our Board

    A Diverse and knowledgable group of committed folks

    2017/2018 Board of Directors

    Mandy Sandbach: President mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com ( 2017/2018 last year of a two year term)

    Dil Jopp: Vice President ( 2017/2018 first year of a two year term)

    Mark Sander: Treasurer ( 2017/2018 last year of a two year term)

    Peter Wynnychuk :Secretary ( 2017/2018 first year of a two year term)


    Charlie Christensen:Director

    Camille Fairbanks : Director

    Jennifer Tarnowsky: Director

    Bobbi Farrell: Director

    Bill Ramp: Director

    Sandra Frampton: Director


    (director positions are one year terms)



  • Events in our community

    This is your first stop for all events and collaborations

    Monthly Newsletter

    At then beginning of every month, the LSLA sends out a newsletter with highlights and updates of events going on in Lethbridge

    Good morning and Happy Spring!


    It is spring and there is much sprouting in the world of Sustainability here in Lethbridge.


    ****The monthly LSLA meeting scheduled to be held May 13th has been cancelled because of the mothers day holiday. We will resume our regular monthly meetings Sunday June 10th. 5-8 pm.****


    Our Fruit Rescue program is currently underway with fundraising for a new Apple Press. If you are interested in donating please contact us at lethbridgeecocoop@gmail.com. Any contribution is welcomed.


    Tuesday May 15th th 6-7 pm, Applefest! 2018 committee will be holding its next planning meeting at the Owl . If you are interested in volunteering, being a vendor or food truck or sponsor, or presenter at Applefest! 2018, please be sure to contact the coordinator Dil Jopp at applefestlethbridge@gmail.com or by calling 403-929-4378.


    The Seed to supper FREE 5 week learn to garden course is underway but still accepting registrations. You can register by contacting Layla at garden@interfaithbank.ca


    The Interfaith Food Bank Learning Garden is hosting a FREE All about SOIL workshop on Monday May 14th.6-7 pm You can register by contacting Layla at garden@interfaithbank.ca


    There is a Fort Macleod homesteaders show being held May 25/26 in Fort Macleod. You can get more information here. Mandy Sandbach and Charlie Christensen of Permaculture Lethbridge will be speaking Friday night on the " Role of permaculture in Homesteading"


    Interfaith Food Bank learning Garden will be hosting their annual plant day and are looking for volunteers to help out. Saturday May 26th.


    Saturday May 26th, the LSLA will be hosting Melanie Gowland for a How to build/grow your own pollinator and bird garden. 12 -2 pm at the Ecole LA Verendrye Edible Forest Learning Garden. Registration is a pay what you can policy with a suggested minimum donation of $20. You must register by contacting mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com


    Mondays on Jessfm.ca Mandy Sandbach is hosting a weekly show called SOULfully Sustainable. Each week, Mandy has on guests who are involved with sustainability and regeneration here in Southern Alberta and abroad. IF you are interested in contributing or being on the show please contact Mandy directly at soulfullysoil@gmail.com


    Environment Week is fast approaching. The list of events is too numerous to list....The list of environment week events can be found here...


    Please note that our friends at the Centre for Culture and Community are joining the LSLA for a special screening of SEED: the untold story Friday June 8th. The entrance fee is by donation. There will be light refreshments and some conversation afterwards. There is limited space and registration is required. You can register by emailing Mandy at mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com

    Monday Mornings starting at 11 am Mandy Sandbach of SOULFully SOIl has started doing a Radio show with Jessfm called, SOULfully Sustainable. If you are interested in a whole approach to local sustainable living be sure to check the radio show out.


    Tuesday May 15th th 6-7 pm, Applefest! 2018 committee will be holding its next planning meeting at the Owl . If you are interested in volunteering, being a vendor or food truck or sponsor, or presenter at Applefest! 2018, please be sure to contact the coordinator Dil Jopp at applefestlethbridge@gmail.com or by calling 403-929-4378.


    Memberships are past due for the LSLA and if you are interested in purchasing your membership, you may do it online here, or by contacting lslatreasurer39@gmail.com


    As always, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to meeting more of you in the year to come.



    Mandy Sandbach

    President of the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association


    Monthly Pot Luck and Board meetings LSLA

    Second Sunday of each month at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre

    The LSLA hosts a monthly pot luck and meeting the second Sunday of each month. For the next twelve months we will be hosting our meetings at the beautiful Helen Schuler Nature Centre located at 1 Indian Battle Park Road, in the river bottom. WE are ecstatic to be hosting our meetings here as this area is one of our most precious resources here in Lethbridge.


    Pot Luck begins at 5pm with the meeting starting at 630 pm. If we have a speaker, this speaker will speak from 530-630pm. The speaker schedule will be released each month and you will find the updated event on Facebook . Please feel free to bring a pot luck item to share and don't worry about the plates, utensils or cups...we've got it covered.


    The meetings will cover whatever the business of the day is and you are welcome to stay or not. We invite Members of the LSLA to participate in any and all meetings and conversations as we want our membership to help lead this organization. If you are a member of the public, you are always welcome to attend and our events are ALWAYS family friendly.


    Memberships can be purchased here on the website or by emailing mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com.


    Sustainable Saturdays

    A year long experience that evokes a creative and community mind about SUSTAINABILITY.

     Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association presents: SUSTAINABLE Saturdays

    We asked ourselves, how can we make an impact in our community in raising awareness and taking action to creating a more resilient community for the future. The ideas were overwhelming and plenty. We were able to connect all of these ideas in one large platform for change…Hands on, knowledge, ideas and skills in the realm of sustainability and regenerative practices. Our mandate has always been to make our workshops financially and locationally accessible so that everyone who wants to, can participate. Well, this is it. A Year long experience that evokes a creative and community mind about SUSTAINABILITY.

    We are taking this word, “sustainable” and expanding it into a tangible and hands on way. We are taking the mystic out of it and sharing it with ideas, knowledge and skills that are relevant and no cost/low cost options. Becoming “sustainable” should not and does not have to cost a lot of money. It is a shift of mindset and embracing unique skills and abilities in our own communities. “Sustainable” is a way of being and not something necessarily that we do. During the next year, we will discover a variety of local “experts” who will share potentially new ideas and concepts that make becoming more resilient, a reality.
    Please watch facebook for updates on times and locations.


    Saturday May 26th 12-2 pm Will be held at Ecole La Verendrye Edible Forest Learning Garden

    Melanie Gowland How to build your own

    Bird/pollinator guild/garden


    Saturday June 9th 12-2 pm

    Melanie Gowland Seed Saving


    TBD Farmer/producer Panel Q&A


    TBD Sustainable Local Food panel



    Harvest Dinner September 2018

    Green Drinks at the Owl

    Second Tuesday of the month 4-6 pm

     Lethbridge Green Drinks. Owl Acoustic Lounge 411-3 Ave S. Informal gathering to discuss environmental issues, projects and solutions. First Tuesday of each month.

    Southern Alberta Zero Waste (SAZW)

    This is southern Alberta's connection to the Zero waste world

    Be sure to stop by the Southern Alberta Zero Waste Facebook page and follow the journey of Camille Fairbanks and other Zero Wasters right here at home. Camille offers hands on workshops about her journey to a zero waste lifestyle.

    The LSLA is proud to support all of the SAZW communities initiatives


    Upcoming workshop:

    Zero Waste on A Budget May 8th 6 pm at the Purple Carrot Health Food and Wellness


    SOULfully Sustainable Radio Show

    Mondays 11 am on JESSFM


    Join Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully SOIL for Lethbridge's First Sustainably focussed Radio Show. I will be in studio each Monday playing around in the world of "Sustainability" and regeneration.


    She will look at Local initiatives, people, organizations and businesses right here in Southern Alberta and how they are moving towards a more sustainable future. She will invite those folks doing amazing things here in Lethbridge to come and share their "expertise" and passion to inspire, educate and connect.


    Each week we will take a Mindful and SOULfull look at our world and our role in it. How we can create more meaningful relationships, business, organizations and communities. Inclusive of, but beyond only "sustainable techniques" we will focus on the journeys to create a regenerative world.


    Be sure to download the app for JessFM or stream live.


    If you have something to add to the show or are creating amazing sustainable traction here in Southern Alberta, please be sure to connect with me directly soulfullysoil@gmail.com

    Screening of SEED the Untold Story

    Friday June 8th 7-9 pm 324 5 street south lethbridge The Penny building Room PB210

    The Lethbridge sustainable Living Association and the Centre For Culture and Community are excited to be screening the critically acclaimed documentary, "SEED: the Untold Story".

    You can join us for a community minded evening and screening with a short discussion period afterwards.

    We will supply some snacks and great conversation. The cost for showing this film is by donation to help offset the costs of the film.

    there is limited space and you must register ahead of time by contacting Mandy Sandbach at mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com

    The screening will be held starting at 7pm on June 8th at the Penny Building Room PB210.

    Please be sure to check out the trailer and information online: https://www.seedthemovie.com/about/#Press-Promo-Kit

    Environment Week

    June 4-9, 2018

    Let’s celebrate Environment Week by giving up single-use plastics! Between June 3rd and 9th, say no to plastic straws, bags, coffee cups, water bottles and take-out containers and utensils.

    Sign up here.



    Saturday, June 2

    1:00 – 3:00 pm Shoreline Clean Up

    Location: Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

    Join Environment Lethbridge and the Helen Schuler Nature Centre for a shoreline clean up in the River Valley.

    Please bring gloves, a hat, water and good shoes.



    Monday, June 4

    10:00 AM Sustainability in Lethbridge Radio Broadcast

    Tune in to Jess FM at 10:00 am to learn more about sustainability in Lethbridge with host Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully Soil and Dill Jopp, Applefest Coordinator.




    Tuesday, June 5

    4:00-6:00 pm Green Trivia at Green Drinks

    Owl Acoustic Lounge 411-3 Ave S, Lethbridge

    Environment Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Public Library have teamed up to a host a green trivia night! Have a drink, meet some new people, answer some green trivia questions and win some great prizes! All ages are welcome.



    Tuesday, June 5 – Thursday, June 7

    Kainai Ecosystem Protection Association is hosting their 5th annual summit. This year’s theme is Napi’s Land, where they will be discussing connecting traditional ecological knowledge with western science. Each day there will be morning of presentations, and each afternoon the registrants will travel to the field to learn more about the Kainai culture and history.

    Register here.



    Thursday, June 7

    6:00 pm DIY Household Cleaner Workshop

    Location: Interfaith Food Bank, 103 3 Ave North, Lethbridge

    SOULFully Soil and the Interfaith Food Bank are hosting a workshop on making household cleaners. Learn the how to’s, where to’s and tricks for making your own cleaners.

    To register, please contact Interfaith Food Bank (403) 320-8779.



    Friday, June 8

    7:00 pm SEED: The Untold Story

    Location: Penny Building, 324-5th St S, Lethbridge

    Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and the Centre for Culture and Community are screening the critically acclaimed documentary, SEED: The Untold Story. This film is about the importance of heirloom seeds to the agriculture of the world, focusing on seed keepers and activists from around the world.

    Contact Mandy Sandbach at mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com to reserve a seat!



    Saturday, June 9

    10:00 am – 2:00 pm Recycling Round-Up

    Locations: London Drugs Parking Lot

    Bring your difficult to recycle items such as furniture, metal, car seats, electronics and bicycles to London Drugs for their annual recycling round-up.



    1:00-4:00 pm Nature Play Day

    Location: Henderson Lake Park

    Everyone is welcome to attend this special event to experience play-based activities hosted by over 20 local organizations. Families are encouraged to attend to enjoy free activities and be inspired by the simple joys of playing outside! Hosted by the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.



    12:00-2:00 pm Seed Saving Workshop

    Location: École La Vérendrye, 625 21 Street South, Lethbridge

    Learn about the how to’s of seed saving with Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and Melanie Gowland.

    Contact Mandy Sandbach at mandysandbachlsla@gmail.com to register.



    7:00 pm Bugs & Beer Tasting

    Location: [Theoretically] Brewing Company, 1263 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge

    Curious about alternative protein sources? Join Go Eat Bugs, Environment Lethbridge and [Theoretically] Brewing Company for as we pair different bug recipes with locally-made beer!

    Tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased here.



    Lethbridge Environment Week is brought to you by:



  • Community Blog

    This BLOG area is open for all members of the LSLA. If you have your own BLOG that is in alignment with out principals, please feel free to contact us to add it here....

    November 2, 2017
    November 2, 2017
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  • Applefest!

    Where sustainability and Harvest meet in community


    Applefest! 2018 Saturday August 11th 11-8 pm


    Applefest! is a celebration of harvest and all things sustainable.


    Applefest! is Lethbridge's first and longest running sustainable "green" festival. Applefest! is an opportunity to celebrate those local people, organizations and businesses that are engaging more sustainable practices.


    Applefest! is kicked off with the only Fruit Rescue Program right here in Lethbridge. The fruit rescue program has a database of local and established fruit trees and shrubs on private and public property . Volunteers gather to pick and process this fruit that would otherwise go unused. This initiative diverts thousands of pounds of fruit from going to waste and makes connections between land owners and those people who can use the fruit.


    The fruit rescue program gathers the fruit in the weeks leading into Applefest!, juices and pasteurizes the fruit to be sampled for apple fest! On the day of Applefest! Festival goers will be able to bring in their own apples and juice them right on site.


    At Applefest! you will find a showcase of local artisans, crafters and vendors who's focus it is to make less of an impact in the world.

    Applefest! has learning tents for both kids and adults and offers hourly workshops and hands on DIY information on simple and practical means of making your life more sustainable and reducing our impact on the earth.


    What would any festival be without entertainment, music and art...Applefest! showcases local musicians, dancers and art all day long at the main stage.


    Applefest! is fortunate to have locally and ethically prepared food from some of our most amazing restaurants, food trucks and cafes.


    The best part of Applefest! besides the Apples, is the opportunity to engage with a variety of other people, businesses and organizations who are in the business of green and sustainability. You can connect directly with local organic farmers, non profits, meat producers, and many more folks who are on this path to living a better life.


    This is a one stop shop and grows each year. I invite you to stay tuned with the celebrations for 2018 and mark it in your calendar.


    To become part of the movement call or text Dil at 403.929.4378, email applefestlethbridge@gmail.com or fill the form here

    Fruit Rescue program

    Lets not waste

    We are currently looking for enthusiastic and keen individuals to help manage the Fruit Rescue Program for the 2018 season.


    The Lethbridge Sustainable Living ASsociation has received a paid internship with the SCIP program. We are currently looking for a student enrolled in College or University who would like to work with the LSLA and FRP to coordinate this years picking events. You can apply by going to this link.  


    We are also in the process of identifying our Pickers and donors. Whether you are a tree donor or Fruit Tree picking volunteer, we would love to connect. You can email lethbridgefruitrescue@gmail.com for more information

    2017 Sponsors for Applefest!

    We would not be able to share what we do with our community if it were not for these local and forward thinking businesses, people and organizations.

    GOLD Sponsors:


    Peak Services

    Urban Grocer

    Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness

    Energy Smart

    Solar Optix

    Lethbridge Toyota

    (others that didn't want to be publicly acknowledged)



    SILVER sponsors:


    Never Idle Farms

    London Drugs

    The Owl

    STET solutions

    Naturistas- your feel good shop


    Sponsors for the Fruit Rescue Program

    Jasmine Tea Room

    Prairie Vintners



  • Fruit Rescue Program

    Local Food harvest is the first part in Sustainability

    Fruit Rescue Program

    Lets not waste

    Info to be added Fall 2018

    check us out on Facebook at Lethbridge Fruit Rescue

  • Permaculture lethbridge

    Living in a conscious and co-creative community that welcomes diversity, knowledge sharing, earth and people centred experience. Interconnection is fostered and encouraged for resilience.

    Permaculture Lethbridge: Who we are...

    Lethbridge Permaculture is an arm of the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association.

    Formerly known as the "Lethbridge Urban Farming Guild", Permaculture Lethbridge seeks to educate, empower, evoke, create and connect with people in all ways of Sustainable and Regenerative initiatives that further develop and strengthen the resilience of our communities and their food, water and housing systems.

    The word "Permaculture" means many things to many people and may be foreign to some still. Permaculture is not just a "growing technique" or way to "farm", but a way to move through and see our world differently. Permaculture addresses nature and our role in "it":Not separate from but rather interconnected with.

    "Permaculture is Applied Science and Ecology; Ethical design of human systems for a sustainable future. It offers practical solutions to the global environmental and cultural crises we now face.

    Permaculture (Permanent Culture) is the conscious design and co-creative evolution of agriculturally productive ecosystems and cooperative and economically just social systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of 'natural' systems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. " Dan Hemenway

    As Permaculture Lethbridge, we strive to connect in meaningful and open ways in order to create shared learning opportunities that lead to regenerative local/ethically sound food growing practices, community, water and shelter. We do this by hosting a variety of workshops, tours, and events that are accessible both financially and locationally.

    We partner with local experts to provide an educational and hands on approach to learning... how else to do this "human" thing. Our relationships in the community are what creates this diverse web of knowledge and in a world that has supported isolation over community....relationship becomes paramount when considering our uncertain future.

    We support all forms of growth being Urban farming,SPIN (Small plot intensive) farming, market gardening, community gardens, food forestry, self reliant food storage methods, cooperative food purchasing, alternate currency strategies and anything not mentioned here that is inclusive and earth based.

    We are looking for those people who recognize the importance of connection, diversity, and sustainable/regenerative practices in all areas of "life" . If you have a skill or interest to share with the group, would like to keep informed about what's "going on" in the Lethbridge and area or of you find any of what has been shared here to be important to you....please connect with us.

    To contact Permaculture Lethbridge you can email: permaculturelethbridge@gmail.com

    or find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220308788142347/





  • Sustainable "housing"

    Unfolding opportunities to LIVE in community in transition...this area is being Re-Envisioned...more to come

  • Sponsors, Donors and Community partners

    These folks are the reason that the LSLA can reach so many people in our community. Without community relationships/partnerships, we would not be successful in sharing the sustainable/regenerative message

    Environment Lethbridge

    Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness Inc

    Lethbridge Naturalists Society

    Oldman Watershed Council

    Synergy Permaculture

    The Stoketown Cafe and Cure

    Creepy Cabs

    Dil Jopp at 403-929-4378

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  • Connect With Us

    How you can connect with us


    Po Box 1162

    Lethbridge Alberta T1J 4A4

    Mandy Sandbach President (403)894-4711


    Dil Jopp Applefest! (403) 929-4378

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